Board and Advisory Council

Council on Aging is overseen by a Board of Trustees and assisted by an Advisory Council.


Board of Trustees


  • Karen Brown (Clermont County) Chair

  • Karen Bankston (Hamilton County) Vice Chair

  • Robert M. McLaughlin (Clermont County) Treasurer

  • Cathy Crain (Hamilton County) Secretary

  • Dora Anim (Hamilton County)

  • Sarah Boehle (Clinton County) 

  • Kay Bolden (Butler County)

  • James Cowan (Hamilton County)

  • Angela Curl  (Butler County)

  • Linda Holmes (Butler County)

  • Jonathan McCann (Warren County)

  • Bill Melvin (Hamilton County)

  • Sue Millard (Hamilton County)

  • Dr. Ralph Panos (Hamilton County)

  • Carl Stich (Hamilton County)

  • Leonard Wagers (Butler County)

Advisory Council

  • John McCarthy, Chair (Butler County)

  • Linda Ambrose (Butler County)

  • Jacqueline Kebede-Carter (Hamilton County)

  • Robert Leininger (Hamilton County)

  • Diana Martel (Clermont County)

  • Jane Ripberger (Warren County)

  • Phillip Williams (Hamilton County)

  • William G. Thornton, Jr. (Warren County)