Our Impact in 2020

COA administers publicly-funded programs and services for older adults, people with disabilities and their caregivers. Our programs and services impact people of all ages and the effects are felt throughout our community. We help people stay in their homes and communities, complete smooth transitions from one care setting to another, and connect to unbiased information, advice and community resources.


Through contracts with service providers, senior centers and other community organizations, COA administers federal, state and local funding to provide supportive, in-home and community-based services to individuals and caregivers.


Programs and services administered by COA can prevent or delay nursing home care. This is important for two reasons: 1) people want to remain in their homes as long as possible, and 2) our programs cost taxpayers a fraction of the cost of nursing home care.

Impact highlights

In-home care services

Individuals Enrolled in Fiscal Year 2020. Individuals may be counted in more than one service category or program in the course of a year.​

Community-based support

Services funded by federal Title III of the Older Americans Act and state Alzheimer's and Senior Community Service funds.​ 

Individuals served in fiscal year 2020: